Weatherization – General Contractor RFP

The County of Northumberland is seeking Contractor participation from qualified contractors to perform residential weatherization measures and residential repairs for deferred properties in Northumberland County, PA.  The weatherization program performs insulation, energy saving improvements, and alterations for qualified low-income clients.  The energy measures cannot be performed if the residence does not meet certain standards as to health & safety, moisture and electrical upgrades.  These properties are deferred until repairs can be made.  Contractor work will include repairs necessary to allow the deferred property to have a weatherization audit performed.  Contractor work would include roof repair, gutters/moisture remediation, electrical wiring upgrade and other general contracting work as required to allow for the weatherization audit.  Additional work may include installation of energy saving measures such as caulking, weather stripping, sidewall & attic insulation, limited window and door replacement and other measures to improve energy efficiency.

General Contractors Bid Packet

Attachment A – Price List

Attachment B – Sample Contract

Attachment C – Training Requirements

Attachment D – COVID-19

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