Turbot Township

1190 Broadway Road
Milton, PA 17847

Email Address: turbottownship@gmail.com
Phone: (570) 742-3832
Office Hours: Tues & Thurs 9-1

Keith Houtz, Chairman, Supervisor
Matt Koch, Supervisor
Ben Snyder, Supervisor

Monthly Meeting Schedule: (Municipal and Planning Commission)
Planning: 1st Tuesday of the month @ 7:30pm (As Needed)
Supervisors: 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7:30pm

Planning Commission Members:
Steve Schnure, Chair
Dave Miller, Co-Chair
Randy Kramm III
Nelson Hurst

Sewage Enforcement Officer:
Paul Rapp
527 Olive Road
Paxinos, PA 17860
Phone: 570-339-7502
Email: prappseo@gmail.com

Zoning Officer:
Jason Swallow
505 Golf Course Road
Milton, PA 17847
Phone: 570-317-6672

Public Safety Information:
Matt Koch
1485 Muddy Run Road
Milton, PA 17847
Phone: 570-850-5452

Road Master:
Justin Johnson 570-594-9316


Tax Collector:
Ray Brouse
324 Boardi Lane
Milton, PA 17847
Phone: 570-428-3843
Email: rabo@verizon.net

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