Truancy Officer

The Truancy Intervention/Prevention Officer is a professional of the Juvenile Court Services who works in cooperation with all agencies within the Human Services to provide services to juveniles who are in violation of the compulsory school attendance laws. He/she is also responsible for processing delinquency referrals as directed by the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer or designee.

Once a truancy referral has been made by the school district, social service agency, or district magistrate, the Truancy Intervention/Prevention Officer conducts a formal intake interview with the child and their family. The purpose of this interview is to assess the nature and extend of problems within the home and school setting that may contribute to the truancy problem. Services are provided to the juvenile and his/her family using the existing continuum of services available to the Human Services Agencies.

Full job description available by clicking here. Interested Candidates should send resume to Tim Heitzman Chief Probation Officer

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