Tax Claims Notices

Notices are sent by the Tax Claim Bureau to the property owner in February. In recent years we have been sending the initial “reminder” notice by first class mail because many people either overlook their taxes or are unable to get to the Post Office to pick up certified mail. By law we are REQUIRED to send notice by certified mail no later than July 31st, so for any tax which remains unpaid we send a certified notice.

If that notice is not picked up by the property owner, and those taxes are not paid, we are REQUIRED by law to POST a notice of the delinquency on the property in a conspicuous location. This is NOT done to embarrass anyone; the purpose is to give due process notice of the delinquency to the property owner.

If the tax remains unpaid it will put the property in jeopardy of being sold at an Upset Sale in September of the following year. Before that happens, at least two more notices will be sent, one by Certified, Restricted Delivery mail to each owner, and another by first class mail to each owner, both of which are required by law. Other legal requirements include posting a sale notice on the property, and advertisement of the properties in at least two newspapers and the Northumberland County Journal.

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