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Christina, known by everyone as “Tina”, has been employed by Northumberland County since October 1994. Being first hired as a secretary to a District Judge, then in 2002 being hired into the office of Register/Recorder. Shortly thereafter was promoted to Chief Deputy. Then in 2015 being sworn in as “acting” register/recorder. She successfully won her first term election in 2017 and her second term election in 2021. Tina lives in Point Township with her husband of 23 years, Jeff Mertz. She has a son, daughter in-law and 2 grandsons.


Christina Mertz, the Northumberland County Recorder of Deeds is announcing that she is offering a new service to homeowners and businesses in Northumberland County.

It’s called the Record Alert System. This service is free to anyone who would like to sign up. The link is:

If you sign up you will receive an email from the recording vendor, LANDEX, alerting you anytime a document has been recorded in the office against your name.  If you receive an alert, and you have not made any transfers or transactions against your property you can call the Recorder’s Office 570-988-4985 or 570-988-4142 and someone will assist you in checking why you received the alert. Again, this service is FREE.

Christina hopes this free service will put residents and businesses a little more at ease with not falling prey to possible fraud.


In person probates are done Tuesdays and Thursdays by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Zoom probates are still being accepted.


Appointments are required for: 
Marriage licenses, notary renewals, veteran ID’s, etc.


Marriage Licenses

Appointments made on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
– Bride and Groom ONLY to appear at appointment. Call the office for more information on how to apply.


Thank you for your cooperation during this time. Please feel free to call my office if you have any questions regarding this procedure.
Christina A. Mertz
Register & Recorder
Clerk of Orphans Court




As of November 1, 2019, the Register/Recorders’s Office will no longer accept “PERSONAL” Checks

Cash, Money Order, or Certified Bank Check accepted

This does NOT include checks from law firms, county attorneys, corporations, local abstractors, title companies.

I’d be happy to answer any questions concerning this change in office policy.
Christina A. Mertz,
Register/Recorder/Clerk of Orphans’s Court

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