Recovering Financial Loss

A Restitution Claim Form will be provided to you to be returned to the Victim Witness Coordinator’s office. It is your responsibility to complete and return this form in a timely manner. Restitution information must be available for the District Attorney’s Office to make a request at the time of sentencing. It will then be the Judge who will ultimately order the amount of restitution to be paid.

Only expenses incurred as a direct result of the crime, such as medical bills, property damage, and the fair value of stolen property are considered for restitution. Indirect expenses such as lost wages, gas mileage for hearing and car rentals will not be ordered as restitution. Money for “pain and suffering” is never ordered for restitution. (Note: Indirect expenses may be pursued through civil litigation).

The collection and distribution of restitution payments is handled by the Clerk of the Court – Court Cost Office. Restitution checks are mailed to victims during the first week of the month. The Northumberland County Adult Probation and Parole department is responsible for the enforcement of defendants making restitution payment.

The defendant will have the term of their sentence to pay the amount due to you so please be aware that restitution can be a very lengthy process. If the defendant is incarcerated in the Northumberland County Prison or in a State Correctional Institution, you may not receive any restitution payments until after he/she is released.

More information regarding the collection and disbursement of restitution payments can be obtained by calling the Northumberland County Adult Probation and Parole Department at (570) 495-2339 or the Victim Witness Coordinator’s Office at (570) 988-4120.

Being the victim of a crime can be very costly. If you have medical bills resulting from a crime, have had benefits monies stolen from you, or are responsible for paying funeral expenses as a result of a crime you may be eligible for reimbursement by the state through the Victim’s Compensation Assistance Program.

You may be eligible for this program if you meet the following criteria:

  • The crime occurred in Pennsylvania;
  • The crime occurred within the last 2 years;
  • A report was made to law enforcement within 72 hours after the crime occurred;
  • The amount of money to be reimbursed is $100 (for victims over 60 years old no minimum amount is required).

The following expenses may be eligible for reimbursement:

  • Loss of earnings due to physical disability resulting from the crime
  • Loss of support for financial dependents of a deceased victim
  • Funeral expenses
  • Crime-Scene cleanup
  • Stolen Benefits Cash – social security, pension/retirement, disability
  • Replacement of medical devices
  • Childcare
  • Transportation expenses

The Victim Witness Coordinator provides assistance in the filing of compensation claims. If you have questions regarding compensation or need assistance in filing a claim, please contact the Victim Witness Program Office.

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