Probation Officer

An employee in this class investigates, advises, and counsels individuals on probation or parole to foster their personal, social, and economic adjustment in the community. Work involves the counseling and supervision of individuals on probation or parole, completion of presentence investigation reports, and investigations of pre-parole plans. Work includes a wide variety of contacts with agencies, employers, friends, and families in securing information regarding probationers and parolees, and assisting in developing useful and effective rehabilitation plans. There is an element of physical danger in working with probation and parole violators. The work is regulated by law and well-defined procedures, but affects the public safety and the personal liberties of individuals. Work is reviewed in progress through observing the employee in action, through conferences, and upon completion, through the review of reports and recommendations.

Full job description available by clicking here. Interested Candidates should send resume to Tim Heitzman Chief Probation Officer

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