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Northumberland County Prison Family Information Guide

The following Guidelines are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Northumberland County Prison Administration

Policy and Procedures vary for each facility. The necessity of using additional facilities will require family to contact the Inmate’s current housing facility for policy and procedure questions if necessary.

This is your guide to a better understanding of the rules and procedures of Northumberland County Prison that are in place to protect the inmate population, public and staff.

Phone messages WILL NOT be given to inmates. 

NCP staff will treat all individuals fairly. If there is an occasion you feel you may not have been treated professionally, please notify NCP administration immediately. We ask that you also inform NCP administration if you suspect any abuse or attempted abuse.  All complaints will be managed with the upmost discretion and promptness.

Hours of Operation

  • Administration 7:00am to 3:00pm Monday – Friday (Closed on Holidays)
  • Records office 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday – Friday (Closed on Holidays)

Visiting Hours

  • Tuesday – Wednesday 9:00 am – 12:00 Noon
  • Hours are subject to change for administrative reasons without prior notice

Visiting Guidelines

  • All inmate visits may be recorded or monitored, with the exception of attorney visits
  • Inmates are permitted (1) one hour visit weekly
  • Inmates must submit visitor’s information via a visitor request form, you will be notified by inmate upon administration approval of visitation request.
  • You WILL NOT be admitted to the facility without administration approval.
  • All visitors 16 and older must provide photo I.D.
  • Minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times
  • Inmate in Restricted Housing status for disciplinary reason lose their visiting privileges.
  • All visitors must sign in before they are permitted to visit an inmate and sign out after their visit
  • All visitors must be dressed in clothing that is not overly revealing or in poor taste. Violators will be subject to visit cancellation and removal from premises.
  • All visitors are subject to search at any time. Refusal will result in termination, or suspension of visiting privileges. Visitors will be screened through metal detector devices prior to visiting.  Visitors may be subjected to electronic or K-9 drug detection.
  • Cell phones, cameras, blackberries, or any other electronic devices are not
  • permitted in the facility.
  • No one will be permitted to visit if they appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Any visitor may be denied a visit, or suspended from visiting by the visiting officer for using foul language or disorderly conduct.

Medical Services

  • Prison Staff including medical personnel, follow HIPPA guidelines regarding patient confidentiality
  • Medical, mental health, dental and pharmacy services are provided at this facility beginning with the intake screening.
  • If you have any concerns regarding an inmate’s medical or mental health you may contact Prison administration to discuss these concerns.


Northumberland County Inmates can be housed at the following Facilities. Please address mail accordingly.

  • SCI COAL TOWNSHIP – 1 KELLEY DRIVE, COAL TOWNSHIP PA. 17866 (570) 644-7890 x 2631
  • COLUMBIA COUNTY PRISON -721 IRON ST. BLOOMSBURG, PA. 17815 (570) 784-4815
  • MONTOUR COUNTY PRISON -117 CHURCH ST. DANVILLE, PA. 17821 (570) 271-3039
  • CENTRE COUNTY PRISON – 700 RISHEL HILL RD. – BELLEFONTE, PA. 16823 (814) 355-6794
  • MIFFLIN COUNTY PRISON – 103 W. MARKET ST. – LEWISTOWN, PA. 17044 (717) 248-1130
  • YORK COUNTY PRISON – 3400 CONCORD RD. YORK, PA. 17402 (717) 840-7580
  • SCI MUNCY – PO BOX 180, ROUTE 405 MUNCY, PA. 17756  (570) 546-3171

These basic mailing guidelines are subject to change within each housing facility. There is incoming and outgoing mail Monday through Friday. On Saturday there is only incoming mail.

To write to an inmate the envelope should be addressed in the following format:

Inmate Name (include Jr., Sr., II, III etc.)  Inmate Number (if applicable) **********, ****** Correctional Facility 000  Any St. Any Town, Pa *****

  • All letters must be sent and received via the US Mail.
  • Money orders, cash or checks are not accepted at some facilities. Contact individual facility for instruction
  • All incoming mail is opened, except for properly identified legal mail and inspected for contraband, and logged into the system by the mail clerk before being sent to the inmate population.
  • Any incoming mail found to be in violation of the rules and regulations will be Returned to Sender
  • Inmates are prohibited from corresponding by mail with any persons that are currently incarcerated without prior approval from the Warden’s Office
  • Stickers including address labels are not permitted on mail.
  • Stamps, envelopes, and greeting cards are not allowed to be brought in for inmates. These items are available for purchase through the inmate commissary.
  • Lipstick imprints and excessive amounts of perfume are prohibited due to safety and sanitation rules and regulations.
  • Publications (paperback/hardback books or newspapers) will be reviewed by mail room. These items must be received directly from the publisher.
  • Inmates are not permitted to have pornographic materials at any time while incarcerated.
  • Material printed off the internet will not be accepted
  • Polaroid photos will not be accepted into the facility.
  • Photos will not be accepted or permitted if the photo is too revealing. In order for a photo to be acceptable the subject must be attired in clothing acceptable for a public beach.
  • Musical cards and cards with glitter are not permitted

Property Release

  • An appointment must be set with NCP staff to pick up inmate property. Please call 570-644-7890 x2231 to schedule
  • Property will be released with prior signed authorization form from Inmate only
  • Recipient must show a valid State or Federal agency issued photo ID and sign the property sheet showing the property was received.
  • An inmate will not be allowed to release all clothing as they must have something to wear when released from the facility.
  • Property not claimed after two weeks of inmate’s release may be disposed of at the convenience of the institution.

Inmate Release

  • NCP cannot release the inmate until the proper paperwork is received with the Judge’s signature. This includes bail paperwork and parole hearings. (This can take up to several days)
  • DO NOT show up at the prison to pick up an inmate until you receive a phone call from the Northumberland County Prison records department
  • The inmate will designate a person that NCP Staff will contact to arrange transportation.

Inmate Accounts and Inmate Telephone

  • Inmates will receive a Telephone Authorization list to complete during the initial booking process. Inmates are limited to ten phone numbers on their authorized list, excluding attorney numbers
  • No incoming calls and/or messages will be accepted for inmates, exceptions may be made for emergencies or special circumstances
  • Inmates with money in their account can have the fees for phone calls deducted from their account
  • You may block an inmate call by following the recorded options
  • SCI COAL and SCI MUNCY -You may access J-Pay for deposit of monies to Inmate accounts by using one of the following methods
    2. JPAY Mobile ( Android and iPhone )
    3. 800-574-5729  Toll – free 24 /7
    4. Kiosk located in lobby of  State facility
  • If your family member is being housed in a facility other than a state facility you will need to contact that facility for their rules of depositing money into the inmate’s account.

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