Point Township

759 Ridge Road
Northumberland PA 17857

Email: officer@pointtownship.org
Phone: 570-473-3198, Option 6
Fax: 570-473-7812
Website: www.pointtownship.org

Randall W. Yoxheimer, Chairman
Montie Peters, Vice-Chair
James Neitz, Sr.
Joseph Stender
Thomas Strouse, Jr.

Monthly Meeting Schedule: (Municipal and Planning Commission)
Municipal: 2nd Tuesday of the month @ 7pm
Planning Commision: 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 6pm

Planning Commission Members:
Ronnie Vandine, Chair
Joanie Brooks, Secretary
Thomas Strouse, Jr.
Chris Peifer
Clay Rowe

Sewage Enforcement Officer:
Design System Technologies, Inc. (William Toth)
24 Old Green Creek Road
Benton, PA 17814
Phone: 570-458-0140
Cell: 570-594-0952

Zoning Officer:
NEIC (Jackie Hart)
418 Railroad Street, Suite 103
Danville, PA 17821
Phone: 570-441-2856

Public Safety Information:

Point Township Fire Dept.
739 Old Danville Highway
Phone: 570-473-8526

Assistant Chief: Brent Filbert
Tuckahow VFC
875 Cannery Road
Phone: 570-473-7944
Chief: George Geise

Point Twp. Police Dept.
759 Ridge Road
Phone: 570-473-9364
Chief: Craig Luther

Tax Collector:
Jennifer Fisher
Phone: 570-452-1340
Fax: 570-473-8170
Mailing Address: PO Box 317 Northumberland, PA 17857
Physical Address: 759 Ridge Road Northumberland, PA 17857 (In the rear of the building drop box in rear for after hour payments)

Additional Information:
Public Sewer
PO Box 312 (Mailing Address)
759 Ridge Road (Office Location)
Northumberland, PA 17857
Phone: 570-701-1260
Fax: 570-701-1145
Hours: M-Thursday 7am-4pm
Secretary: Michele Cope
Email: ptsewer@verizon. Net
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of the month


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