Pennsylvania Statewide Automated Victim Information & Notification System

PA SAVIN is the tool that Northumberland County uses to assist in providing some of the rights afforded to you as a victim of crime. PA SAVIN is a free, prompt and confidential Victim notification system that will contact you automatically, by your choice of telephone or e-mail, when an inmate is released or transferred from the county prison. PA SAVIN will also notify you in the unlikely event of an inmate escape. It provides both the date of the change and the specific type of change in the inmate’s status. You may register multiple numbers, such as home, work, and/or cell phone and it will try to contact you at each number. The system will call multiple times until you confirm receipt of the phone with a confidential PIN (Personal Identification Number) that you select.

PA SAVIN is not intended to replace the many services provided by the Victim Services Program. It is a tool that is intended to provide efficient and timely notification of inmate movement.

There are two primary types of registration – anonymous, which provides the change of status as mentioned above and can be registered by any individual who may be interested in the status of the offender, and the more detailed registration done for the victim of a crime through the Victim Witness Coordinators office which is called profile.

To register with PA SAVIN via the internet you may go to:
 – This site provides important information to victims of crime in Pennsylvania. It provides a number of additional links for services to victims, such as victim compensation services, listings of agencies to assist victims, etc. Click on the PA SAVIN Inmate Release Notification option and you will be transferred to the PA SAVIN page (vinelink). – This site will show a map of the United States. Simply click on the state of Pennsylvania and it will go to the PA SAVIN page.
Select the SEARCH Tab – You will need to know the offender’s full last name and at least the first initial of the inmate’s first name, or the inmate’s identification number. You can also provide the offender’s date of birth or give an age range to narrow your search. Neither birth date or age range are a required field. Once the inmate is found, click on Register/Details (magnifying glass icon) to register. Follow the on-screen instructions.

To register by telephone:

Call 1-866-972-7284 or 1-866-9PASAVIN. You will be able to register using prompts or by speaking with a live person called a VINE operator.

In order to use PA SAVIN in this manner, you must keep your registered telephone number current. If your telephone number changes you must provide that change to SAVIN. If you change your mind about the services that you would like to receive you may contact the Victim Witness Coordinators office and have your registration changed to a profile registration described below.

A profile registration is a confidential registration entered through the Victim Witness Coordinator’s office for victims of crime only. The registration will include the victim’s name and address along with the phone number(s), email addresses and PIN of their choice. The victim will receive notification of the dates and types of inmate status changes as described above. In addition, if you have used a profile registration your address has been registered. In cases where telephone numbers have been changed and you have forgotten to notify the Victim Witness Coordinator or PA SAVIN of these changes in your contact number, SAVIN will also attempt to notify you via a letter through the U.S. Mail.

To have a profile registration made in PA SAVIN or to request additional information regarding PA SAVIN please contact:

Victim Witness Coordinator
Northumberland County Courthouse
District Attorney’s Office
201 Market Street
Sunbury, PA 17801
(570) 988-4120
(570) 988-4134

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