Northumberland County Jail

Thomas Reisinger – Warden



The Rules are subject to change at any time at the discretion of Northumberland County Jail Administration

This is your guide to a better understanding of the rules and procedures Of Northumberland County Jail. While may seem hard and over-restrictive at times, they have been put in place to protect the inmate population, general public and staff.

NCJ staff will treat all individuals fairly. Treat NCJ Staff with the respect they deserve, and they will respond in kind to you. If there is an occasion you feel you may not have been treated fairly, please notify NCJ administration immediately, so it may be resolved without delay. We ask that you also inform NCJ administration if you suspect any abuse or attempted abuse. All legitimate complaints will be managed with the upmost discretion and promptness.




NCJ Visitation Lobby will be closed Thursday
November 24th and Friday November 25th

Offsite visits may be scheduled with
Money deposits are available through


Administration:    7:00am  to  3:00pm     Monday – Friday (Closed on Holidays)
Records Office:    8:00am  to  4:00pm     Monday – Friday (Closed on Holidays)

Visitation (Video Only – Registration is Mandatory)     Times may vary due to Jail Schedules and Procedures

Administration Money Kiosk:   8:00am  to  4:00pm     Monday through Friday
Onsite Visitation:                         8:30am  to  3:30pm      Monday through Friday

Offsite Visitation:                         7:30am  to  8:25pm      Everyday





  • All visitors wishing to conduct an ONSITE visit must register (at no cost) to be eligible to participate in a video visiting session with an inmate at NCJ.  All onsite visits will be conducted in the video visitation lobby within the NCJ administration building.
  • For OFFSITE visitation, the visitor can choose to visit from a window’s based computer or any android device by downloading The Visitor android app, ICS MOBILE from the GOOGLE PLAY store.
  • OFFSITE visitation is fee based. Internet connectivity issues during offsite visits will not be refunded.

            Hours are subject to change for administrative reasons without prior notice


Visiting Guidelines

All inmate visits are monitored and recorded, with the exception of registered attorney visits

  • Inmates are permitted 25 minute visits.
  • Minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.
  • Visits may be canceled for inmates in disciplinary restricted status without prior notification.
  • All visitors must be dressed in clothing that is not overly revealing or in poor taste. Violators will be subject to visit cancellation and removal from premises and visitor lists.
  • All on site visitors are subject to search at any time. Refusal will result in termination, or suspension of visiting privileges.
  • No one will be permitted to visit if they appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Onsite visitors may be denied a visit, or suspended from visiting by the visiting officer for using any foul language or disorderly conduct. Visitors may also be asked to leave if a child that accompanies them is deemed to be disruptive to other visitors.



Prison Staff including medical personnel, follow HIPPA guidelines regarding patient confidentiality

  • Medical, mental health, dental and pharmacy services are provided at this facility beginning with the intake screening. Medical services are limited to what is medically necessary to maintain good health
  • If you have any concerns regarding an inmate’s medical or mental health you may contact Jail administration to discuss these concerns.



Northumberland County Inmates:

To write to an inmate the envelope should be addressed in the following format:

Inmate Name (include Jr., Sr., II, III etc.
Inmate Number (if applicable)
Northumberland County Jail
670 Northumberland County Drive
Coal Township, Pa 17866
There is daily incoming and outgoing mail Monday through Friday.

  • All letters must be sent and received via the US Mail.
  • All incoming mail is opened, checked for contraband, and logged into the system by the mail clerk before being sent to the inmate population.
  • Any incoming mail found to be in violation of the rules and regulations will be returned to sender.
  • Inmates are prohibited from corresponding by mail with any persons who are currently incarcerated without prior approval from the Warden’s Office.
  • Letters to and from inmates should be of personal nature or about the inmates case.
  • Stickers including address labels are not permitted on mail.
  • Stamps, envelopes, and greeting cards are not allowed to be mailed in for inmates. These items are available for purchase through the inmate commissary.
  • Lipstick imprints and perfume are prohibited due to safety and sanitation rules and regulations.
  • Publications must come directly from the publisher.
  • Inmates are not permitted to have pornographic materials at any time while incarcerated.
  • Material printed off the internet will not be accepted.
  • Polaroid photos will not be accepted into the facility.
  • Photos will not be accepted or permitted if the photo is too revealing. In order for a photo to be acceptable the subject must be attired in clothing acceptable for a public beach.
  • No greeting, birthday or holiday cards of any kind.
  • Only white paper and envelopes are accepted.
  • Mail found to contain contraband will be turned over to law enforcement.




  • NCJ cannot release the inmate until the proper paperwork is received with the Judge’s signature. This includes bail paperwork and parole hearings.
  • DO NOT show up at the jail until you are contacted by NCJ records.
  •  The inmate will designate a person that NCJ Staff will contact to arrange transportation. If you believe this designated person will be you, you may call 570-509-2701 concerning transportation.




  • Monies may be deposited using visa, MasterCard, Google play, iTunes or cash into inmate accounts by using or utilizing the kiosk in the visitation lobby located within the NCJ Administration building.
  • NCJ Staff will not accept incoming calls and/or messages for inmates, Exceptions may be made for emergencies or special circumstances.
  • Inmates with money in their account will have the fees for phone calls deducted from their account.




  • Inmates may order commissary weekly not to exceed limitations set by NCJ if funds are available in inmate account.
  • Family may send care packages not to exceed a $100.00 per week value through the NCJ commissary Vendor.
  • Shoppers can place orders at: or 1.800.546.6283



Lt. S. Clements
570-509-2718 or 570-509-2719
shane . clements at norrycopa . net
720 Northumberland County Drive
Coal Twp., PA 17866

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