Heating Oil Bid Information


The County of Northumberland requires approximately 6,250 gallons of #2 heating fuel oil with actene or equivalent additive (stabilizer and dispersant).



Oil shall be delivered within 48 hours of notification or as otherwise agreed upon by the County and the Supplier.  The location of the tanks and approximate yearly usage is as follows:


 Lower Northumberland County Senior Action Center
Approx 1,000 Gallons

Mountain View Lodge
Approx 500 Gallons

Northumberland-Point Township Senior Action Center
Approx 750 Gallons

Mount Carmel District Magistrate’s Office, 150 S. Market St.
Approx 2,000 Gallons

Sunbury Senior Action Center, 601 Pennsylvania Ave., Sunbury
Approx. 2,000 Gallons


All deliveries shall be made on an “as-needed” basis.  All quantities are approximate and will vary according to the weather conditions and should not be construed as being definite and unvarying amounts.

It shall be the responsibility of the bidder to familiarize himself with all locations, conditions, and quantities required for delivery.

It shall be the option of the Supplier to submit bids for any or all locations.



The County is registered with the Internal Revenue Service to make a tax-free purchase under registration number 23-83-0098K.



Invoicing for the fuel oil supplied shall be the dealer invoice cost as charged by the supplying company plus the dealer handling cost.  The dealer handling cost shall remain the same for the life of the contract.  Supplier shall submit with each invoice the corresponding invoice price for the date delivered.  Payment shall be made in accordance with the County’s bill payment procedures following receipt of a complete statement from the Supplier.



Dealer handling cost shall be the sole means of determining the low bidder.



The County reserves the right to extend this contract for up to 3 months.  This would be utilized to prevent a lapse in contract coverage and only for the time necessary to issue a new contract.



It shall be the responsibility of the Supplier to have adequate liability insurance and to agree to hold the County harmless for any spills, accidents or other occurrences related to the delivery of the heating oil to the County’s facilities.

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