Coal Township

805 West Lynn Street
Coal Township, PA. 17866

Phone: (570) 644-0395
Fax: (570) 644-1224

Craig Fetterman – President
Gene Welsh – Vice President
Robert Slaby – Manager

Monthly Meeting Schedule (Municipal and Planning Commission)
First Thursday of the Month at 7 PM
Agenda Sessions: First Tuesday of the Month at 6 PM
Planning Commission Meetings are the First Wednesday of the Month at 7 PM (as needed)

Planning Commission Members:
William Rickert, Chair
Justin Feudale
Tom Eckman
Dennis Delorso
Arthur Christ

Sewage Enforcement Officer:
James A. Sandeers
1190 Pleasant Mill Road
Millmont, PA 17845
SEO Cerficiation #02153
(570) 922-1218

Zoning Officer:
Christopher Petrovich
805 W. Lynn Street
Coal Township, PA 17866

Public Safety Information:
Coal Township Police Department
805 W. Lynn Street
Coal Township, PA 17866

Tax Collector:
Sharon Castetter
805 W. Lynn St.
Coal Township PA 17866

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