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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions November 3, 2020 General Election


How do you properly fill out a mail in ballot?
Watch this video to see each step necessary to vote by mail and ensure your vote counts.


Can I view a sample ballot?

Yes, sample ballots are viewable by clicking here.


Has the November election been delayed?

No. The General Election has not been delayed. It will take place on Tuesday, November 3.


Will polling places be open to vote in person on November 3?

Yes. Voting precincts in Northumberland County will be open for in-person voting as they were in the Primary Election. Precinct locations will be published on this website and local Newspapers.


Can I vote by mail?

Yes. Voters can apply for an absentee ballot or mail-in ballot for November 3. Voters who wish to vote by mail should apply as soon as possible; should apply online through PA Department of State instead of on a paper application; and should consider returning their voted ballots in person to the Board of Elections.


Can I cancel my permanent absentee status or permanent mail-in status?

Yes. The voter needs to complete a Request to Cancel Permanent Status form that is available on the Board of Election website or by contacting Voter Services to request it by mail.


When will I receive my absentee ballot or mail-in ballot?

Voters who wish to vote by absentee or mail-in ballot are encouraged to apply now, but should expect to wait until late September or early October to receive the ballot. Ballots cannot be mailed until after they are designed and tested, and after PA Department of State has certified the final content of the ballot to the counties. Please consider that contacting the Board of Elections regarding the status of your absentee or mail-in ballot detracts from our staff’s processing time.


How can I return my voted absentee or mail-in ballot to the Board of Elections? A voter can return his or her voted ballot by U.S. mail or by hand-delivering it to Board of Elections. An absentee voter or mail-in voter may only deliver his or her own ballot in person. It is not permitted for a person to hand-deliver the ballot of a spouse, family member, friend, etc.

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