Behavioral Health / Intellectual & Developmental Services

Carmine Picarelli, Administrator
MH Program Director – Joe Labosky
SCO Director – Michael Moyer
D&A Director – Emanuel Giorgini
Counseling & Outpatient Services Director – Karen Willard-Miller
Early Intervention Coordinator – Diane Roman
Fiscal/IT Director – Don Spieles

Welcome to the Northumberland County Behavioral Health / Intellectual & Developmental Services program, located at 217 North Center Street, Sunbury PA, 17801.  Our agency is under the auspices of the Northumberland County Board of Commissioners. The BH/IDS program is mandated by the state to provide an array of services to persons with mental illness and intellectual disabilities, and also for children from birth to three years of age who may have developmental delays.

Assisted by the Behavioral Health / Intellectual and Developmental Services Advisory Board, we share the responsibility to support individuals in their recovery and self-determination. We are working towards this by providing an array of programs and funding that use natural and community supports that are unique to each and every individual and family. This process offers individual growth, promotes resiliency, and inclusion in our community. Our service system embraces the philosophy of a self-promoting process that will provide individuals the opportunity to discover or rediscover their strengths and identify their unique needs. Through empowerment and self-choice, people will be able to reach their full potential as individual members of the community.

Behavioral Health – Northumberland County Base Service Unit (BSU) offers Crisis, Intake, and Case Management Services to the all individuals of the County. There are different levels and types of each service. All of which may be obtained through walking or calling into to the department. Our phone number is (570) 495-2040. After-hour mobile crisis intervention services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by calling 1-844-33-REACH (1-844-337-3224).

Child/Adolescent Service System Program – Northumberland County Behavioral Health utilizes the Child and Adolescent Service System Program (CASSP) to explain, offer, and assist with the delivery of Behavioral Health Services for children and their families.  Upon a child being referred to Northumberland County Behavioral Health, the Northumberland County CASSP Coordinator, or designee, will assist the child’s parent/guardian in one of three ways; a parent self- referring their child to a provider of the Behavioral Health service being sought, an intake with a Northumberland County Behavioral Health caseworker for the purpose of said intake worker referring the child to an agreed upon Behavioral Health service, or an interagency team meeting for the purpose of developing a Behavioral Health service plan for the child and subsequently referring the child to a provider.  The aforementioned team meeting, typically referred to as a CASSP Meeting statewide, is referred to as a Children’s Clinic in Northumberland County.  The systems involved in the Children’s Clinic process can include, but are not limited to, the child (if age appropriate), the child’s family, Northumberland County Behavioral Health, Northumberland County Intellectual/Developmental Services, Northumberland County Drug & Alcohol Services, Northumberland County Children & Youth Services, Northumberland County Juvenile Court Services, Parent to Parent Connections, High Fidelity Wraparound, the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit, and the child’s school district.

Supports Coordination –The Northumberland County Supports Coordination Program administers a wide range of services for residents with Intellectual Disabilities and their families.  Over the years as public understanding and acceptance of intellectual and developmental disabilities has grown, the use of large institutional settings has declined.  Northumberland County has developed residential programs, day activities, vocational programs and family supports to help and encourage each individual to set goals and develop their potential.

The County Program provides Supports Coordination at no charge for any eligible Northumberland County resident.  The County subcontracts with local agencies to provide all other services. Persons interested in services may contact us at: 570-495-2039.

Early Intervention Services –Northumberland County Early Intervention services and support are designed to help families that have children, age birth through three, with developmental delays.  It builds upon natural learning that occurs during the child’s typical day.  Our staff creates opportunities for parents and children to come together for fun and learning, a place where they can have fun, get messy, and learn by touching, feeling, singing, and moving.  In fact, many of our services can be provided wherever the child or family is experiencing difficulty such as daycare, grocery store, during mealtimes etc.  Services are free to families regardless of insurance and income.

Does my child need help?

  • *Do you have concerns about how your child is developing as compared to other children of the same age?
  • *Is your child walking, talking and playing like other children?
  • *Is your child between the ages of Birth to Five?
  • *Do you live in Northumberland County?


Who do I call to get help?

Contact Northumberland County Early Intervention  for children birth to three years old.                             570-495-2016

Contact Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit (CSIU) for children three to five year old                        (570) 523-1155 ext. 2229

Visit early childhood resource for families

Drug & Alcohol –Northumberland County Drug and Alcohol Program is able to link clients with the resources to enhance the process of recovery by lessening the stresses of early recovery and allowing for a deeper and more meaningful aftercare program.

Your initial phone call starts the confidentially process and without a “Consent to Release” we are now prohibited to release any information that pertains to you. Our mission first concern is to ensure the following emergent needs are cared for:

  • detoxification,
  • prenatal care,
  • perinatal care, or
  • psychiatric service

If there is no need for emergent services the SCA will schedule a appointment level of care placement.  This assessment services as a tool to:

  • Determine level of care
  • Referral for level of care placement or possibly a
  • Referral to Intensive Case Management Services

Our principle goal is to assist you in completing treatment and moving into recovery.  We understand you are more likely to succeed in treatment when other problems are addressed concurrently with your substance abuse therapy.

We believe that everyone possesses unique and individual strengths and resources. Our aim is to assist you by providing a comprehensive array of services to empower and channel your strengths into making positive steps, which will result in a new freedom, new happiness and self-sufficiency.

The SCA is offering preferential treatment service to pregnant women.

Northumberland County Counseling Service – Northumberland County Counseling Services (NCCS) is a licensed outpatient psychiatric clinic. The clinic’s business hours are 8:30AM till 4:30PM Monday through Friday.  After hours appointments may be made with participants based on the availability of the clinicians.  Every effort will be made to accommodate the schedules of participants, with the understanding that that primary target population will be children and families, along with adults with serious mental illness.

Each person requesting outpatient services will be offered a comprehensive assessment which is strengths-based and recovery focused.  The assessment process is a collaborative process between the consumer and the clinician. In the event that a consumer has an active support system, or lives with family or significant other, the family/significant other will be included in the assessment and ongoing treatment when clinically indicated and with the consumer’s agreement.

The services offered in the outpatient clinic include:

Structural Family Therapy

Trauma Therapy

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