Tiffany Kaseman, CPE  –  Chief Assessor
Meghan Laudenslager – Field Assessor
Colleen Iwanski  –  Office Supervisor
Deb Hartman  –  Data Entry Clerk
Tyler Golazeski – Property Record Registrar
Austin Zelinski – Field Data Collector


Assessment Bureau
The Northumberland County Assessment Bureau is responsible for generating and maintaining Real Estate and Occupational assessments. It is responsible for assessing real estate improvements, maintaining property records, and updating county maps. It is also responsible for determining a properties status for the Homestead and Farmstead exclusion, as well as keeping any application received on file.

Tax Bills
Data for annual tax bills is gathered by the Assessment Bureau. However, any questions pertaining to the payment of tax bills should be directed to either the tax collector or school district that collects the bill. Any questions concerning assessment values, records, notices or any forms obtainable from this website can be answered by the Assessment Bureau.

Field Reviews
Copies of zoning permits are to be submitted to the Assessment Bureau by the filing municipality. These permits are noted on property record cards, which could result in an unscheduled review of the property by a field assessor. If the owner is not available during the review, notification is left at the property. Periodically the Assessment Bureau makes a review of all properties in a municipality to verify information on the record cards.

Tax Balances

Tax balances are not available from the Assessment Bureau. If you would like to know if current tax bills are paid, please call the tax collector of the municipality where the bill originated. If you would like to know if there are delinquent taxes, please contact the Tax Claims Bureau.

Property Deeds
Copies of deeds recorded in Northumberland County are available for viewing in the Assessment Bureau beginning with book 920. Copies of these deeds can only be made in the Assessment Bureau. If you need a copy of a deed prior to book 920 or need to make arrangements to have a deed sent to you please contact the Register and Recorders Office.

County Maps

County parcel maps are available for review in the Assessment bureau. The maps are for illustration purposes only and are not suitable for site specific decision making. The parcels depicted on these maps are approximate and are not necessarily accurate to surveying or engineering standards.

Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion
The Assessment Bureau is responsible for collecting, processing and storing the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion applications. The Assessment Bureau is also responsible for sending application status notifications to property owners who have filed an application with the Assessment Bureau. If you have questions regarding property status, in reference to the Homestead/Farmstead Exclusion, please contact the Assessment Bureau.

Occupational Assessment Bills
The Assessment Bureau is responsible for cataloging information pertaining to the occupation status for residents of Northumberland County. If you have a question regarding occupation information or wish to report a change in occupation status, please contact the tax collector of the municipality where the bill originated


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